Monday, August 09, 2004

9th August 2004

No post for a while. Just been too damn busy, and it's too damn hot.

Anyway, our plans for the extension have been drawn up and submitted now. So now we just have to keep fingers crossed that the mighty approval people at the council give us the go-ahead to build.

I hope so, it'll add a lot of value to the house and hence more flexibility when we do eventually move. We've talked about it a lot. Should we trade locations and get something larger by moving ? Would we stay in the UK ? We could move a little further North and get a much bigger place, or even to Ireland, but then there's the MIL to consider with that particular option (that's a story for another time probably).

The fact of the matter is, we like the area we live in. We are just struggling (a bit) to afford to live here, in the size of house we'd ideally like. We have excellent schools nearby, we have great friends and neighbours, and the all the amenities we need. However, the thought of building our own house or buying a much larger place does tempt us. Plus, I hate the thought of reaching a certain age and realising I've always lived in the same country.

I suppose we could always come back if it didn't work. We do have consistency of schooling to consider but I imagine one can always find reasons not to do things.