Friday, October 22, 2004

Friday 22nd October 2004

OK, so it's not the end of Loony Tenant.

We let him go, still owing us some money (a few hundred) because we're stupid, trusting people. Now, I can't contact him. I know where he's working in Amsterdam and I managed to speak to him once, but now I just get someone else's voicemail. I have his address because I forwarded some mail, but travelling to the Netherlands to collect seems a waste of time. Anyone know any Dutch heavies ?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Tuesday 19th October 2004

No update for ages, I know.

What's happened ?

Looney Tenant has moved out. Went to Amsterdam of all places. It was just time to go and be weird somewhere else. He does owe us some money but he has some stuff stored in our garage as security. It's probably body parts.

Our planning permission came through. Now we have to wait for construction drawings to be completed and submitted, then we can start.

The mother-in-law gets more annoying by the week. I'm kind of used to it. She's been frustratingly ignorant and selfish for at least the 15 years I've known her.
Sometimes, it's just the little things. She decided that she is going to honour us with her presence next month and come over from Ireland. She also decided that she wants to bring Mrs RB's nephew with her (Mrs RB's sister lives in Ireland too).
Now, Mrs RB's sister doesn't want him away from her as he's only five, we don't really have the room for him to stay, and we know that we'll just be lumbered with him as soon as they arrive.
We love him, but we both work so looking after him means taking precious time off.
They tell the MIL this, and she says "oh, but he's been begging me to come".
He's five, for fuck's sake. He hasn't begged for a trip on a plane. He's begged for sweets and TV, but not a journey to England.
She's basically a drama junkie. She loves to argue and feel put-upon.