Saturday, January 29, 2005

Saturday 29th January - Starting Work

Man Alive ! 2 posts in as many days !

I've decided I'm going to keep a track of the extension here. So here's the first piece of work done.
I took down the rear wall today, in preparation for the builders starting (no Handy Andy to help me).

The new foundations will be going in where that old wall was, then a new wall will go up on ground and first floor. We're filling in the courtyard with a two storey extension basically.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday 28th January 2005

Wow. I really am a rubbish blogger. Such a long time.

What has passed ?

Still no sign of loony tenant. I sorted through his crap stored in the garage and discovered things of value totalling precisely£0. I have acquired a couple of CDs and DVDs which I didnt already own, given away the R&B and binned everything else. I have a crappy Epson C82 still to give away if anyone wants it.

The baby bump is getting bigger and bigger. We are less prepared than we should be. In particular, regarding the extension.

We have finally decided on which builders we are going for; The Swindon brothers. They've done work for a couple of friends and neighbours so we know the quality is good. We also know they aren't always great at finishing jobs, but then with builders I think it's better to know what problems to expect, because there will be something with any of them. First dig into the ground is due to start on 7th Feb. We'll see.

I had a birthday.