Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Tuesday 13th July

OK. False alarm !
I'm not confirming that he doesn't have his ex-wife chopped up into handy bite-sized pieces somewhere, but it's NOT here.
The window my neighbour had seen was actually my garage / workshop. Our local council have changed all the bin collection times recently and we forgot last week. We couldn't fit all the bags into the wheelie bin, so I threw them in the workshop to stop the cats getting to them. Bin bags + 2 weeks = flies.

Sorry to disappoint. :(

Monday, July 12, 2004

Monday 12th July

Hmmm. I just received a call from a neighbour.

The flat we let out to Looney Tenant has windows facing the road. He just walked by and saw one window filled with flies on the inside.

Could it be a leftover sandwich ? Could it be his roadkill collection ? Could it be his ex-wife ? Who knows ?

Tune in, this time tomorrow to find out !

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Thursday 8th July 2004

This post needs a little background history so here goes.

When my business partner and I started the company, we worked from my home (in the loft room / attic). One of my cats at the time would come and sit on the one spare chair we had, and we decided that she should have an official title. Her name is Domino (due to the rows of 2 spots on her tummy), so she had a piece of paper pinned to her chair, with the title "Dom Fellini - Operations Manager". We had a new Italian Operations Manager !

The interesting by-product of this was that when we received annoying sales / telemarketing calls, we would always suggest that they should speak to Dom Fellini, the Operations Manager, but he wasn't in at the moment. So the game was spawned, one point for referring them to DF, two points if they call again to ask for DF, 5 points if they send literature addressed to DF and a full ten points if they call and claim to have spoken to DF in the past (which they did !).

The game evolved as we became bored, and we also moved to offices so Domino could no longer sit with us. We would try to give the most ridiculous and outrageous names we could think of - Ken Tuckie, Edmund Whoppinghat, Ray Bigteeth, Peter Bigginbed, Timothy Banana and Heidi Hole were some of our favourites. We've now bored of that too though, and have discoverd sound boards.

This Tom Hanks soundboard has proved quite effective so far, but I'm bringing in a mic tomorrow to see if we can record some. I'll let you know how it goes.