Friday, May 28, 2004

Friday 28th May 2004

We've been approved for our remortgage now, so the plan to extend our house is well underway.
Last night we had the fourth and final architect round to quote for producing drawings. He was the spit of Dave Lee Travis ! To those who are outside of the UK, and also those who are under 30, DLT was a radio DJ, mainly legendary due to the 'darts on the radio' competition he ran in the 80's. He was caught out by Noel Edmonds (another celeb at the time) on his TV show. I have a feeling they never showed this particular excerpt DLT swears like a docker (That's NSFW in case it wasn't obvious)

Interestingly enough, the last architects who came round were also dopplegangers. There was two of them, one looked like Steven Spielberg and the other like Harold Shipman, the infamous murderer of old age pensioners. Spielberg rang me with his quote a few days ago, and mentioned that he wouldn't be able to start for a couple of weeks as he was on holiday and his colleague (Shipman) was busy looking after his dying mother. Now I already had the Shipman image in my head when he told me, so it was all I could do not to snigger.
I know. I'm a bad man.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Monday 24th May 2004

I've been sitting here wondering what to write.

Reading other people's blogs left me with the desire to offer opinions and select a specific thing that pissed them off that day / week. Nothing has pissed me off since post 1. I hope there's not too many high expectations of this blog.

What did I do at the weekend ?
Well Saturday, I watched the FA Cup final, drank beer on the moor with friends and all our kids. The sun was out and everyone was in fine form.
Sunday, we took Scarlett swimming. She's only two on 10th June but she's getting really strong in the water. I've been taking her swimming almost every week since she was nine weeks old. She can adjust herself from vertical to horizontal in the water and start kicking her feet now. She loves every second of it. Finished off some gardening in the afternoon, played squash (badly) and came home for dinner and a movie.

So there you go. Nothing to piss me off.

Friday, May 21, 2004

21st May 2004

So, this is blogging ?

Well, here is page 1.

In the interests of conformity, I should introduce myself with the basics ;
33 years old, though I usually have to work it out as I never remember.
Married, to the most amazing, giving, thoughtful woman I have ever met.
One beautiful daughter, Scarlett, who is a whirlwind of laughter and trouble.
Worked in sales in one form or another all my life. I've worked in recruitment for 8 years, and set up my own recruitment agency with a business partner 5 years ago.
Own our own home, a cottage built in 1890.
One cat, Domino, lazy but friendly, though still not as friendly as her brother Sam who we lost to traffic in '99 (still miss you Sam !)
I spend spare time (that is time not devoted to Scarlett), with Photoshopping and attempting to learn photography.
I enjoy a drink or two, usually with friends / neighbours but gave up smoking about 4 months ago (not going too badly).