Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Tuesday 29th June 2004

OK, Looney Tenant came back from holiday yesterday.
(I forgot to mention that he left 2 weeks ago for a holiday in Cyprus - and left his key in the door, making us wonder if he was ever coming back)
Anyway, LT looks a lot more chilled and relaxed. There would seem to be one good reason for this, sex. He met up with his Russian girlfriend over there and he hasn't seen her for a while, so my guess is that they probably didn't see much sun. Hopefully it should delay any psychotic episodes for a while. Perhaps I should pay someone to go and service him regularly to help avoid having him turn deranged, break in and murder us in our beds.

Friday, June 25, 2004

25th June 2004

Just for the sheer hell of it, and because I don't want to talk about anything else, here's a pic of my beautiful girl.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

18th June 2004

Mainly for Taz's benefit, and because I got round to doing it.
Here's my place.

Managed to get the shot from my friend's roof, while he was doing some work up there.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Wednesday 16th (Part Two)

We had Scarlett's party on Saturday.

She was bought so many wonderful presents, and everyone came round for a great barbeque.
I cooked home-made turkey burgers and curried chicken kebabs.

We carried on after the kids were in bed and played football in the garden until we couldn't see the ball anymore. Loony Tenant stayed in the flat and everyone had a wonderful time.

Wednesday 16th June 2004

So much to catch up on.

We met Loony Tenant in full loony mode. Mrs RB and I had a few drinks and we're sitting out in the garden. I'd gone inside to check out the latest on Worth and she decides to ask LT if he'd like to sit in the garden and have a drink. As it turns out, he's a pissed as we are and is decidedly jumpy. By the time I come back downstairs, Mrs RB has got fed up with the conversation and she wanders off to go to bed.
So, I'm left with Mr Bitter-Welsh-Divorcee-Looked After Dying Mum-Bitter About That Too Because He Had To Give Up University. The conversation goes along the lines of
LT - serious, deep question to me.
RB - mood lightening answer with serious tone to pacify him, question to him.
LT - Why are you asking me that ?
RB - It's just a question.
LT - I'm not comfortable about your wife asking me to have a drink in your garden.
RB - It's just us being friendly.
LT - serious, deep question to me.

and so it went on. I probably paint it worse than it was, but he is somewhat odd.
I'm proud-ish of my geek side, but this guy is a Database Admin and he has ZERO friends. This isn't such a bad thing I suppose, he sits in the flat (apartment) and has no friends round making noise. It could be worse.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Thursday 10th June 2004

It's Scarlett Bear's birthday today and she's 2 years old !
We spent 10 minutes this morning sitting the bed opening presents (a wooden trainset, a wooden circus and a new outfit for her dolly (from Nanny and Grandad). We had huge fun and life seems grand. If only I didn't have to come to work.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Tuesday 8th June 2004

Hell it's hot ! 28° C in my office with the fan full on.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Monday 7th June

I'm tired. It was a long, drunken weekend.

Mrs Redbull started it off when she went out with friends from work for a leaving party. I'd had a few drinks at home while trying to chop, and Mrs RB rolled in at around 1am bouncing off the walls. She's funny when drunk and I told her. This made her laugh some more.
She managed to get into bed, but immediately slurred "I sink aam gonna be sick.". She swings her legs off the bed and stands... for about a nanosecond until the legs give way. She looks up at me from the floor. Drunk-logic takes hold and she 'knows' it's better to crawl to the bathroom than walk. Off she goes, still colliding with the walls. I see her reach the toilet but collapse into a heap on the floor. Knowing she'll be safe from falling off that for a while, I go downstairs to fetch a bucket. I manage to get her back into bed with the bucket placed in what I hope is the appropriate position for projectile vomit.
5.30am comes and Scarlett wakes. I go to settle her, but am diverted to the bathroom to switch off the hot tap of the bath, which I hadn't noticed Mrs RB had turned on full before leaving the bathroom.
6.30am comes and Scarlett wakes again. This time I let her climb into bed, but she fidgets until she gets out to go and play.
7.30am comes and I hear Mrs RB say "Oh, Scarlett!". I look up to see she's taken a red pen and drawn all over her tummy. I then notice she's also drawn on the wall. This is the first time she's done it but she knows pens are for drawing on paper so I tell her off and explain again.
I look to my darling wife and say "Didn't you notice her drawing on herself and the wall ?". She looks at me deadpan and says "Well, you didn't notice when she was drawing on your back."