Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Monday 7th March - Extension (to the family)

Last week has been hectic.
I can't remember a lot of what happened construction wise because our new baby daughter Darcey arrived on Sunday (Mother's Day !).
I'll try to recap though. We had a lot of snow which slowed things down somewhat, but the blocks have been going up gradually. I also took Friday off work, and finished off moving the kitchen into the dining room which has worked much better than expected. We also completed the boiler move into the airing cupboard. It's not working 100% right, but that's mainly down to a scaled-up cylinder which we'll be replacing. I also witnessed the horde of wilderbeast which are scaffolders. Even the builders just stop and watch as they storm through. The air turns blue with the language and the volume on site is raised to eardrum-bursting levels.
Today, they finished the block work and are ready to start on digging the hole for the pier which the steels rest on, and then knocking down the wall. Here's a view from the top of the scaffold.